Warranty terms

You can be sure that you will buy only the highest quality, environmentally friendly and safe children's products from the world's leading manufacturers!

Labebe offers an unlimited warranty on every purchase because we are confident in the quality of the products we represent.

* The only exceptions are electrical devices, which are subject to the rules of the factory warranty!

Warranty Terms and Conditions

- To obtain warranty service, you must present only a receipt for payment;

- To obtain warranty service, you must follow the operating rules established by the manufacturer;

- Warranty service provides free and complete repair of a damaged product caused by a manufacturing defect after the sale, and not its replacement;

- Replacement of goods with a new one is allowed only if a visual defect is detected immediately after opening;

- Inspection of the visual condition of the goods is required upon receipt, in the presence of the seller's representatives;

- Warranty service also applies to any component parts of the product, such as: rollers, sliding mechanisms, drawer mechanisms and others;

- We undertake to repair a product with a manufacturing defect as soon as possible, and in the absence of a corresponding part on site - within 45 cal. days, otherwise we will replace it with a product of the same or greater value, with an additional payment of the difference on your part;

- If on-site repair is not possible, if necessary, we will pick up, repair and return the damaged goods at our own expense;

Warranty Service will not provided

- If you cannot present a receipt confirming the payment of the amount;

- The product has a visual defect and / or signs of mechanical impact;

- The rules of operation were violated or the thing was used for other purposes;

- Damage caused by moisture, exposure to high or low temperatures, improper storage;

- Damage caused by an incompetent person, unskilled assembly or attempted repair;