Peg Perego, the Italian company founded in 1949 by Giuseppe Perego, revolutionized the market by designing carriages and strollers using “rubberized fabric” instead of sheet metal and wicker which were commonly in use and providing everyone with child care products that until that time had a limited market due to high costs.Avant-garde, attention to market changes and foresight have built a successful company over time which is known all over the world for its original ideas in the fields of infant care and toys, which are always of the highest quality, respect international safety regulations and are up to speed with the expectations of the modern mom.The campaign “Mamma in Italy” confirms the company’s creed in the Italian way of production which has earned the trust of mother’s for its quality: whoever loves “Made in Italy” looks for style, elegance, details and safety, quality ideas which Peg Perego constantly refers to when designing and creating its products.For Peg Perego, Made in Italy means “to continue doing only what we know how to do well”, says Lucio Perego, the company’s CEO, meaning to continue cultivating the patrimony of skills of Peg’s Italian production and enriching it with modern and avant-garde processing methods.The company has, in fact, supported its traditional spring season line of juvenile products (strollers, carriages, car seats and high chairs) with toy production, which has allowed using stable and optimal human resources. The integrated production offers closer quality control and an improvement in skills: from materials (fabric, rubber, metal) to the technology of complex and avant-garde production machinery. A team of experts supervises the entire production process to guarantee juvenile products.The compact and traditional organizational structure with a variety of tasks and taking care of the work environment with a great amount of attention given to the people consolidate company loyalty. The production facilities in Italy are: Arcore (Milan), San Donà di Piave (Venice), Ceggia (Venice), and add our international partners: Fort Wayne (USA), Toronto (Canada) Limeira SP (Brazil), for a total production surface area of 161.000 square meters.Peg Perego’s dynamic abilities can also been seen in recent creations: not only the building of a nursery dedicated to the founder, Giuseppe Perego, located in front of the offices and available for new mothers who work for the company, but also the reconstruction of the entire industrial area and the creation of a modern foodservice building for all of the employees.The site, updated constantly, provides the trade and customers with all the new products, services and useful information needed when making an important purchase.We can talk about Peg Perego “System”: a way to produce characterized by research and experimentation, productive rigour, technical creativity and also a strong manufacturing culture which answers the client’s needs in terms of services and safety in purchasing child products.Only if the industry is able to translate new ideas into products that are able to “enter and withstand” the test of time, do these ideas take on a role in the usage culture: this is the case of Peg Perego’s Italian history.

A long history of 55 years to Erbesi, Friuli-based company specializes in children's rooms with a design and unique features. Not only beautiful but with specific attention to quality and high safety standards. The company, founded in 1966 by Cantarutti family, celebrates, in 2021, 55 years of business activity. Years dedicated to making a special, warm and comfortable environment for children, with beds and furnishings for rooms, elegant, chic and modern. Pioneering spirit and vision enriched by so much creativity and technical competence are the foundations on which the company.

Today Davide and Enrico are continuing the work of their parents with the same passion, the same commitment and the same dedication. True to the old slogans: "Erbesi for small today ... the tomorrow's V.I.P", they accompanied children of several generations in the first stage of their lives and made their growth more safe. Excellence of Made in Italy, with a great success in International markets, Erbesi designs and creates complete bedrooms for children, including coordinated textiles, to create a soft and enveloping environment.

The early cribs with turned columns, passing through the creation of innovative cribs with flat slats, become then in common use on the market, passing from convertible models to traditional models. Not least the products are characterized by tender decorations, created with inspiration from the magical world of children. Wonderful stories and sweet characters that accompany thousands of children in their happiest dreams. Over time the style has evolved following the trend but the quality, safety and reliability as post sale service are always the same.


Four generations, a century of history and an enterprising soul. It is PALI, a company that since 1919 offers high-end quality products for the comfort and safety of the child. Attentive to the evolution of the market, design and technology, it has been able to combine know-how with knowing how to grow, always offering new products, new ideas and new styles. The same priceless experience obtained over the years by producing chairs now applying to making cribs and dressers. Pali has become a leader in the industry, noted for ability to be innovative and our attention to detail.

Originality and positive and dynamic vision towards the future are family characteristics that are derived from will, commitment, willingness to learn and improve, and to care. Although everything has changed in production methods, styles and tastes, one thing still remains: the desire for a well-made product. Pali's beautiful Italian children’s furniture is the result of four generations of hard work and tradition. Each piece is created with as much attention and devotion as it was in the first workshop of family home in 1919. Pali understands what children need to feel safe and comfortable, and what parents need to have peace of mind.

Pali has been manufacturing furniture in the Friuli region (North-Eastern Italy) since 1919. With over 100 years in the same field, we have acquired a great deal of experience, knowledge and know how. Growing selection of styles and finishes means that the company always can satisfy a large range of tastes and budgets.

Pali understands how hard people have to work for their money, so when it comes time to invest in furniture Pali has manufactured an excellent product. When purchasing Pali furniture, you can be comfortable in the knowledge that you have made a lifetime investment for your child.

Pali’s ability to offer furniture of outstanding quality at competitive prices while providing excellent service means that Pali consistently meet and exceed the needs and expectations of their customers.

When choosing bed linen for a crib, we look for only the best - in everything, in every detail. We want to surround the baby with tenderness, care, love. Create a cozy atmosphere in which the night will bring pleasant dreams, and the morning will bring joyful discoveries.

For more than 15 years, the Perina brand has been fulfilling these desires in exclusive baby sets, combining charming looks, comfort and the highest quality.
Perina bed linen is impeccable tailoring and design, thought out to the smallest detail. We use premium natural fabrics, sophisticated yet practical: high quality satin and premium satin TC300 with silk effect. Refined shine, softness and special smoothness - these are just some of the features of satin. And the reactive dyeing method allows you to maintain the brightness of the color even after repeated washes.
Perina is fabulous prints and elegant appliqués, silk ribbons and textured embroidery. Friendly friendly characters will give the baby a good mood during the day, and the tenderness of satin will lull you to sleep and give you a pleasant feeling with every touch. In addition, the stylish design, elegant patterns and noble shades will transform the children's bedroom, bringing a special magical atmosphere to it.
Perina is comfort and practicality that parents will definitely appreciate. Removable elements with zippers, a sheet with an elastic band, a composite bumper with a removable cover make the care of the set simple and convenient. We have thought of all the details so that nothing bothers you and the baby. And they added beautiful packaging, which is perfect for a gift.
In the life of your baby there will be many wonderful things, interesting books, favorite toys. All this is ahead. And now his world is a crib. And Perina bedding.

In the province of Alicante, cradle of the Spanish toy industry since the end of the 19th century, the company Muñecas Antonio Juan was born in 1958 in the town of Onil.

A modest family business, in which three generations of toy makers converge and since then has not stopped growing to become a world reference in the manufacture of dolls under the principles of quality, tradition and sustainability.

Throughout the entire manufacturing process, from the design of each of the components, to the materials used in their manufacture, are being made with care, to result in exclusive dolls, with 100% Spanish design and handcrafted production, which, in addition to being attractive, comply with the strictest European and American regulations on toy safety.

Specialists in the art of the toy

The mixture of tradition, modernity and the expert hands of the best specialists in the art of the toy, have allowed us to evolve without losing our philosophy as a brand: to offer the best value for money to our customers.

Experience, quality and price

Our experience in the sector allows us to create products adapted to the current market. This effort to innovate and offer quality toys at a competitive price is the reason why today, we export to more than 40 countries on all five continents.

Design made in Spain

Throughout the entire manufacturing process, from the design of each of the components, to the materials used in their manufacture, are made with care, to result in exclusive dolls, with 100% Spanish design and handcrafted production, , which, in addition to being attractive, comply with the strictest European and American regulations on toy safety.