About us

Labebe Boutique is perhaps the best store for newborns in Georgia. We believe in it! We are focused on the highest quality products, impeccable service and fast delivery.

Our top priority is to help loving parents raise a healthy and positively charged generation - a generation that will change our country and the world for the better.

Unfortunately, our environment, air, food, are full of harmful substances for health. Every day, each of us is surrounded by unknown quality things. All this poses an even greater threat to a small organism, which has difficulty adapting quickly to a new world, does not have a strong immune system and therefore requires special care.

We are well aware that caring for newborns is a big responsibility. Indeed, in the very first months and years of a baby's life, the foundations are laid for the full development, growth and health in the future. When we talk about baby's products, naturalness of used materials, quality and safety, no compromises are acceptable.

The products presented in our store are made on recommendations of orthopedists, are ergonomic, practical and comfortable. For the manufacture of our products only natural, safe and highest quality materials are used, and only from the world's best brands. Sophisticated designs will help to create a warm and fabulous atmosphere for your baby.

You can be sure that on our beds, mattresses, bedding, sleep and rest will be beneficial for your baby's health.

After all, our kids deserve the best!