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Brain training activity games are designed specifically for relaxation and brain training. Cultivates coordination, fine motor skills, and logical thinking stimulates brain activity, promotes sensory development and improves concentration. These games enhance imagination and lets kids discover different shapes, figures, and numbers. They also help to develop social skills building together strengthens collaboration and negotiation skills. No age restrictions. Great anti-stress and calming tool for everyone, especially hyperactive children, and adults with a stressful work environment

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    • Welcome to ORTOTO, where we offer innovative sensory massage puzzle mats and interactive educational products. Our mission is simple – to enhance the overall well-being of every family member, big or small, with a touch of fun.

      We collaborate with healthcare specialists to improve comfort, support normal development, and prevent orthopaedic issues. Our passion begins with exceptional foot care and extends to educational products, focusing on brain activity development.

      Headquartered in Northern Europe, we ensure precision and high standards in our manufacturing. All ORTOTO products, including the healthy brain support range, are globally celebrated for their premium quality.

      Our journey began in the pandemic, aiming to bring more nature indoors. We decided to start from happy and healthy feet – that’s how ORTOTO was born.

      O – Orthopaedic support
      R – Relaxation promotion
      T – Therapeutic benefits
      O – Outstanding comfort
      T – Targeted pain prevention
      O – Overall well-being

      Why our feet need pampering

      Often overlooked, feet are the foundation of our bodies. Not only do they carry us around, but they also help support body structures, balance, and overall well-being. It might come as a surprise, but feet are an incredibly complex combination of bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons.

      Isn’t it time to say a big THANK YOU to our feet with ORTOTO?

      Designed to make all feet happy, our mats bring together the benefits of reflexology and sensory massage:

      1. Prevent flat feet, varus/valgus, club foot. 
      2. Increase blood circulation. 
      3. Fight sleeping problems. 
      4. Release muscle hypertonia. 
      5. Reduce fatigue and tired legs. 
      6. Improve brain development. 
      7. Enhance motor skills. 
      8. Build experience practice.

      With ORTOTO sensory massage puzzle mats we want to make the best foot care available for everyone. Used from early on they help support healthy feet development and prevent the most common issues along the way.

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