Plitex Orto Sleep - Teen's orthopedic mattress

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Orthopedic mattress for teens and bed size 160x80 cm based on a block of independent springs. The model was developed with the participation of qualified orthopedists


  • Natural Latex
  • Latexed Coconut Coir
  • Non Woven Fabric (Aerotek)
  • Quilted cover with zipper (Organic Cotton)
160 X 80 X 16
Spring Loaded / Double Sided


Orthopedic mattress for teens and bed size 160x80 cm based on a block of independent springs. The model was developed with the participation of qualified orthopedists, has two sides of different rigidity. Mattress fillers are adapted to the weight of children from 3 to 7-10 years old.

Size: 160 x 80 x 15 cm


• Care for the formation of posture.

Plitex teenage mattresses have an important feature - they are double-sided, this is done to prevent posture disorders in a child.

How it works:

The main side is designed for everyday sleep, it is of moderate rigidity (conditional rigidity 3 out of 5), supports the spine in the correct position and provides point distribution of the load of the body so that the child's muscles relax during sleep and sleep as comfortably as possible.

If the child shows signs of posture disorder, we recommend using the second, harder side of the mattress (conditional firmness 4 out of 5). It is recommended to sleep on it periodically (for example, 2-3 weeks) to correct violations. It is better to consult with a pediatric orthopedist to decide exactly how long it is worth using the hard side in a particular case.

To determine the sides of the mattress, open the cover: the side of moderate firmness for everyday sleep is equipped with a layer of natural latex (elastic porous filler).

• A mattress that breathes.

We have thought of all the details so that the mattress is as comfortable as possible to use. Cover material with a natural cotton surface - quickly absorbs liquid and dries quickly. 3D mesh around the perimeter - improves the ventilation of fillers.

• Safety concerns.

Qualified children's doctors participated in the development of the mattress, so we took into account the developmental features of children aged 3-7 years.

We have used high quality certified materials. The mattress was successfully tested according to 12 criteria (for example, for the absence of formaldehydes, phenols, styrenes).

For ease of use, the layers of fillers are interconnected by a water-based composition, it is colorless and odorless and absolutely safe for the child (SIMALFA, Switzerland).

• Removable cover

This is an important condition that we always advise you to pay special attention to when buying. A removable cover will simplify the care of the mattress and will allow you to make sure that the fillings correspond to the declared quality. The Plitex mattress has a zipper on three sides of the cover - so it is much easier to take it off (for example, for washing) and put it back on.


1) "StressFree" cover - quilted knitted cover with a surface of 100% organic cotton. The material has antistatic properties, that is, it eliminates the problem of static electricity, even if the child tosses and turns in his sleep.

An additional 3D mesh around the perimeter of the cover improves the ventilation of the fillers.

2) Block of independent springs of increased elasticity. The peculiarity of independent springs is that each is in a separate case. Because of this, they react to pressure pointwise and do not act on adjacent springs. On both sides of the block there is a layer of protective membrane - thermally bonded fiber.

In the Orto Sleep model, we use a special spring block of increased elasticity - it is designed for weights up to 50 kg! A high concentration of springs per square meter gives more reliable support, sleep on such a mattress is comfortable - and healthy. The Plitex Orto Sleep children's mattress has 255 independent springs per 1 sq.m. Wire thickness 1.8 mm.

3) Latex on one side (20 mm) - natural latex creates a point load distribution and allows the body to relax during sleep. At the same time, the elastic surface maintains the body in the correct position.

4) Coconut coir on the other side (10 mm) - side for the prevention of spinal deformities. Natural coconut coir guarantees a smooth, dense surface for sleeping. The material is known for its orthopedic properties and unpretentiousness.

5) The mattress perimeter reinforcement system is a dense contour that reinforces the edges of the mattress and prevents them from deforming.

Care instructions:

The mattress cover is recommended to be washed at 40 degrees. Fillers can be ventilated, avoiding direct sunlight.


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