Plitex Magic Flex - Children's orthopedic and anatomic mattress

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Orthopedic springless double-sided mattress for children from birth to 5 years. Comfort model based on unique highly resilient foam


  • 3D Mesh
  • Quilted cover with zipper (Stress Free)
  • Hypoallergenic Filler (Airoflex Cotton)
119 X 60 X 11
Springless / Double Sided


Orthopedic springless double-sided mattress for children from birth to 5 years. Comfort model based on unique highly resilient foam.


• Unique highly resilient foam base

Healthy sleep of a child has an important feature: in the first months, the spine of a newborn continues to form and he needs reliable support. The model is based on highly elastic Airoflex foam, which provides a double effect: support for the spine in the correct position and comfort even for a sensitive baby. The unique properties of Airoflex allow to achieve point load distribution and thus maximum comfort.

Airoflex also restores its shape well, and a special design - horizontal channels on the surface of the material - creates additional ventilation.

• The mattress has two sides of rigidity:

Special dense side for newborns and more elastic for a growing baby. The result is restful, comfortable sleep and good posture.

You can check the sides very simply: unzip the cover and look at the fillers. They are easy to identify by color: for newborns, the side with purple (more dense) foam is recommended, and for children after a year, the side with more elastic blue is suitable.

• Hypoallergenic materials

The mattress fillers received the German quality certificate Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 (the highest safety class, which means that the mattress is suitable for newborns).

• Breathable

All the details of the mattress are thought out so that nothing bothers you and your baby. The material of the cover quickly absorbs liquid and dries quickly, while the 3D mesh around the perimeter of the cover improves the ventilation of the fillers.

• Removable cover

This is an important condition that we recommend paying special attention to when buying. A removable cover will simplify the care of the mattress and will allow you to make sure that the fillings correspond to the declared quality. The Plitex mattress has a zipper on three sides of the cover - so it is much easier to take it off (for example, for washing) and put it back on. At the same time, for safety reasons, the zipper is sewn in a special way, so that the child cannot accidentally touch it with a handle or leg.

• The layers of the mattress are fastened together

This is very convenient: after removing the cover, you can put the fillers on the air, and then quickly put them back. Important: the layers are fastened with a special environmentally friendly compound Simalfa (made in Switzerland). The composition is water-based, odorless, safe for the child and has a quality certificate.


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