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In the first months of life the a baby feels very comfortable in a round crib. The swing mechanism will help you to lull the child, transformation options allow you to use the crib for a long time

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    • Four generations, a century of history and an enterprising soul. It is PALI, a company that since 1919 offers high-end quality products for the comfort and safety of the child. Attentive to the evolution of the market, design and technology, it has been able to combine know-how with knowing how to grow, always offering new products, new ideas and new styles. The same priceless experience obtained over the years by producing chairs now applying to making cribs and dressers. Pali has become a leader in the industry, noted for ability to be innovative and our attention to detail.

      Originality and positive and dynamic vision towards the future are family characteristics that are derived from will, commitment, willingness to learn and improve, and to care. Although everything has changed in production methods, styles and tastes, one thing still remains: the desire for a well-made product. Pali's beautiful Italian children’s furniture is the result of four generations of hard work and tradition. Each piece is created with as much attention and devotion as it was in the first workshop of family home in 1919. Pali understands what children need to feel safe and comfortable, and what parents need to have peace of mind.

      Pali has been manufacturing furniture in the Friuli region (North-Eastern Italy) since 1919. With over 100 years in the same field, we have acquired a great deal of experience, knowledge and know how. Growing selection of styles and finishes means that the company always can satisfy a large range of tastes and budgets.

      Pali understands how hard people have to work for their money, so when it comes time to invest in furniture Pali has manufactured an excellent product. When purchasing Pali furniture, you can be comfortable in the knowledge that you have made a lifetime investment for your child.

      Pali’s ability to offer furniture of outstanding quality at competitive prices while providing excellent service means that Pali consistently meet and exceed the needs and expectations of their customers.

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    • Our company has been producing children's furniture for more than 20 years. Over the years, we have gained a lot of experience, allowing us to produce safe, reliable and beautiful furniture.

      We constantly update and expand the range of our products due to the following factors:

      - complete production lines with modern equipment,
      - in-depth analysis of needs and latest market trends,
      - use of environmentally friendly and high-quality materials.

      When creating children's furniture, we take into account not only the requirements of standards and sanitary standards, but also modern ideas about the comfort and functionality of living spaces, because children's furniture should be comfortable for the child and parents. The location of the enterprise in the Arkhangelsk region gives us the opportunity to choose the best birch wood from local suppliers, and the volume of production - to receive favorable price offers for high-quality fittings and paints and varnishes.

      Modern equipment, qualified personnel, a strict quality control system allow us to delight our customers with quality products and a pleasant price for many years.

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Round & Oval Cribs
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Round & Oval Cribs
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