Erbesi Moon Bianco Wifi - Cot on wheels

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Erbesi Moon Wifi - baby bed from an Italian manufacturer that provides a cozy space and complete comfort for a peaceful sleep and a wonderful time from birth to 4-5 years. A large moon shines on the headboard will dispel all the baby's bad dreams


  • Solid Beech Wood
  • Water based eco-friendly varnish
  • HDF (High density Fiberboard)
Overall dimensions:
125 X 72 105H
Mattress size:
125 X 65
With Drawer
  • Adjustable / removable side panel
  • 2 positions adjustable mattress base
  • Mattress Size 125 X 75 (mattress is available separately)


What makes the Moon crib special is the plexiglass panel with a strip of LEDs at the base that illuminates the smoothened edges of the panel, the serigraphs and the decorations. There are eight colors available - white, yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, blue and green - and are inspired by the principles of chromotherapy, with different types of light, fixed or automatic fading rotation.

According to chromotherapy, certain wavelengths correspond to precise vibrations that are able to influence the mood of people. Achieving a good state of relaxation before sleep is important for a good sleep and thanks to the soft lights it also helps to pass more easily the fear of darkness.

News: availability of the WiFi version that can be controlled from the smartphone and can be connected to home automation control systems.

Erbesi is the name inherently linked to the world of children's products offering exclusive, fabulous and safe furniture for children. Founded more than 50 years ago, the company, Erbesi, dominates the European children's product market and creates unique furniture that combines modern and classic elements, providing maximum comfort for the little ones.

The brand focuses entirely on children's bedrooms, producing cribs, chests of drawers, wardrobes and bedding. The love invested in each product and the brand's unwavering devotion to tradition, children and their parents has been creating the magic in any space and time.

However, with its unique features and exclusive design, the Erbesi collection is not only beautiful. Safety is the keyword for Erbesi. The brand assures it by complying with top-quality and safety standards follows the strictest and latest regulations established by the EU in this field. 

Children's furniture, which accompanies the child from their very first moments of life is made of environmentally friendly materials. Each Erbesi product is manufactured using fine materials, non-toxic varnishes and has rounded corners, eliminating the risk of harm to the child.

The classic-style baby beds have a rectangular shape with an adjustable bottom and sides. It is designed for children from 0 months to 4-5 years. Moving the crib takes only a few seconds and the wheels are securely fixed. The linen drawer can be attached on either side.


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