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A princess house, a trendy car or a bunk fortress for a large family? Whatever you want! Here you will find teenage beds for every taste and for any interior. And we, in turn, guarantee that all of them are made of the best safe materials

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    • Our company has been producing children's furniture for more than 20 years. Over the years, we have gained a lot of experience, allowing us to produce safe, reliable and beautiful furniture.

      We constantly update and expand the range of our products due to the following factors:

      - complete production lines with modern equipment,
      - in-depth analysis of needs and latest market trends,
      - use of environmentally friendly and high-quality materials.

      When creating children's furniture, we take into account not only the requirements of standards and sanitary standards, but also modern ideas about the comfort and functionality of living spaces, because children's furniture should be comfortable for the child and parents. The location of the enterprise in the Arkhangelsk region gives us the opportunity to choose the best birch wood from local suppliers, and the volume of production - to receive favorable price offers for high-quality fittings and paints and varnishes.

      Modern equipment, qualified personnel, a strict quality control system allow us to delight our customers with quality products and a pleasant price for many years.

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    • Interbeds is Polish manufacturer of extraordinary children's beds, trusted not only by customers in Poland, but also in many European countries, including the Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, France, Slovakia etc. There are many reasons of thus trust and the most important of them are the quality of the products and a wide assortment. Interbeds offers more than 400 models of beds for children and teenagers made from high-quality materials that guarantee healthy and comfortable sleep.

      Each bed made by Interbeds is always based on a solid pine frame, are always very durable and aesthetic. Thanks to unique decoration elements are adapted to the tastes of children and young people. A foam mattress ensures the highest level of comfort - on the one hand, it offers the child healthy support during sleep, and on the other hand, it also enables comfortable sitting during the day. The highest quality of Interbed's products confirmed by many certifications and attestations that Interbeds can be proud. Do you want to give your child the best sleep?

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