Peg Perego Book Mon Amour - Детская коляска c реверсивным сиденьем

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Отделка от кутюр для самой гламурной коллекции. Mon Amour отличается стильными деталями, гармонирующими с романтическим корпусом Rose Gold


Peg Perego
  • Алюминиевая рама
  • Высококачественный текстиль
  • Эко кожа
  • Не содержит BPA
Прогулочные коляски
Характеристики и комплектация:
  • Вес: 12.3 kg (Book)
  • Диаметр колес: 18 cm - 27 cm
  • Размер: 51 W x 106 H x 93 D (Book)
  • Размеры в сложенном виде: 51 W x 85,5 H x 48 D (Book)
Mon Amour
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The stroller with a unique style and elegance

Elegance lies in the details. Book Modular features the unique style of the Culla Elite bassinet, with its fine tailoring, its fashionable inserts and its all-Italian design, all of which contribute to the wellbeing of your baby. 

The stroller with a comfortable reversible seat

Ever ready to explore the world, its agile and dynamic steering makes light work of winding through every city’s typical obstacle courses. Fitted with shock absorbers and being just 51 cm in width, it passes the elevator test with ease. Safety and added comfort are guaranteed by the reclinable Primo Viaggio Lounge car seat, which allows your baby to lie back comfortably.

Mon Amour collection

Haute couture finishes for the most glamorous collection around. Mon Amour features stylish details matching the romantic Rose Gold chassis.


Elegance lies in the details of the Book stroller, approved for use from birth: a reversible seat, a cosy foot muff and plenty of steering comfort. Exceptionally agile to steer and measuring just 51 cm in width, it passes every test with ease!

Comfort from birth

The reversible seat of the Book stroller offers comfortable walks from birth until baby reaches 22 kg in weight. Simultaneous adjustment of the backrest and hood.

Top quality wheels

Soft-ride wheels with rear shock absorbers and ball bearings ensure agile steering on all terrains, both on- and off-road. The side pirouette control allows you to adjust the front wheels, from locked to swivelling and vice versa, without bending down.

Ergonomic and adjustable handle bar

Steering agility is guaranteed, even with just one hand. The eco-leather lining ensures utmost comfort.

Folds up small

The Book stroller opens and closes with just one hand and with the seat secured in both positions. It stands upright on its own and takes up little space.

Large UPF 50+ hood

The comfortable and extendable hood with visor protects baby's naps from the sun and wind.

Large basket

Whether strolling through the park or doing a spot of shopping, the Book stroller’s large basket lends a helping hand, the easy load system keeping everything you need within easy reach. High-visibility finishes make evening walks safer than ever.

Large, comfortable seat

Comfort and functionality are guaranteed by a roomy seat, a 5-point harness and an eco-leather front bar that opens and closes with ease.


Culla Elite (accessory) turns the Book stroller into an elegant pram fitted with every comfort for baby’s first walks.

From the car to the walk

With a reclinable Primo Viaggio Lounge car seat or a Primo Viaggio SLK (accessories), it is easier to switch between your car and your stroller.


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