Peg Perego Vivace Special Edition Licorice - Детская модульная коляска-трансформер

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Безошибочная коллекция по своей элегантности и характеру. Licorice, культовый стиль, выраженный изысканными деталями из экокожи тон в тон


Peg Perego
  • Алюминиевая рама
  • Высококачественный текстиль
  • Эко кожа
  • Не содержит BPA
Коляски - трансформеры 3 в 1
Характеристики и комплектация:
  • Вес: 4 kg (Primo Viaggio SLK)
  • Вес: 5.3 kg (Culla Grande)
  • Вес: 9.4 (Vivace)
  • Диаметр колес: 18 cm
  • Размер: 43 W x 61 H x 66 D (Primo Viaggio SLK)
  • Размер: 44 W x 63 H x 84 D (Culla Grande)
  • Размер: 51 W x 105 H x 92 D (Vivace)
  • Размеры в сложенном виде: 51 W x 72 H x 39 D (Vivace)
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Vivace & the City

What fun it is to zip around and explore the city together. The Vivace Lounge Modular Special Edition trio is your perfect ally. Light and comfortable, it is entirely made in Italy. Easy, agile maneuvering, to zip around with style. Versatile and compact, at just 51 cm in width, to tackle even the narrowest of lifts. Spacious Culla Gran Pagoda bassinet. Reclinable Primo Viaggio Lounge i-Size infant car seat, for comfortable, relaxed travelling.

Licorice Collection

Unmistakable collection for its elegance and character. Licorice, an iconic style expressed by refined details in tone-on-tone eco-leather.

Vivace and Culla Gran Pagoda

Your baby’s rest is essential for his well-being. The large bassinet Culla Gran Pagoda follows the growth of your baby with plenty of space to respect his needs. It comes with a comfortable mattress for extra cuddles!

Gran Pagoda hood with visor

The innovative carry handle allows the hood to open by a further 40°, for utmost protection against the sun and wind. Panorama window for better air circulation.

Belvedere window

An extra window so your baby can feel you near and you can exchange loving glances.

Dedicated tailored footmuff

The handy footmuff features elegant couture details and protects your baby on the coldest days of the year.

Lots of space and comfort

Shhh... sleep in progress! Your baby deserves the best rest. The large size of Culla Grande is the ideal solution. The backrest and the footrest can be adjusted independently to maintain the baby’s optimal ergonomic position whether awake or asleep.

Built-in carry handle

Elegant, built-in, eco-leather carry handle. You can lower the hood with a single hand even when you are holding your baby.

Culla Gran Pagoda also at home!

At home it is an excellent solution for sweet naps when fastened to the Home Stand (accessory). The hood opens by a further 40° to create a cozy, quiet space for nap time. The handy Belvedere window allows you to see your baby from different angles, so that he can feel you near and you can exchange loving glances.


Light and ultra-compact, with a reversible seat. With the Vivace stroller, you can move about freely with style and peace of mind. From birth, reversible seat. It only weighs 9,4 kg. 51 cm wide, it passes the elevator test, with ease. Top quality wheels ensure agile steering on all terrains.

Extra comfort from birth

The seat structure, in flexible material, guarantees extra comfort from birth until baby reaches 22 kg in weight. Backrest reclines in different positions.

Top quality tread wheels

The soft-ride wheels, rear shock absorbers with visible springs and ball bearings ensure agile steering on all terrain. User-friendly brake.

Eco-leather handlebar with centralized folding control

Steering agility is guaranteed, even with just one hand. The eco-leather handlebar ensures utmost comfort. Centralized folding.

When closed it surprises you

Compact folding with the seat secured in both positions. Great stand alone and space-saving features. The seat always folds compactly protecting the upholstery and ensuring perfect hygiene.

Comfortable and extendable UPF 50+ hood

The comfortable and extendable hood protects baby’s naps from the sun and wind.

Roomy reinforced basket

The large, easy-to-access basket has a reinforced rigid elements bottom allowing heavy loads. High-visibility finishes make evening walks safer than ever.

Large, comfortable seat

Comfort and functionality are guaranteed by a roomy seat, a 5-point harness and an eco-leather front bar that opens and closes with ease.

The best reclining infant car seat

Reclinable i-Size car seat for newborns. Suitable from birth to 87 cm in height and 13 kg in weight (0 to 15 months). Primo Viaggio Lounge car seat with i-Size Base has been awarded “the Best Reclining Infant Carrier for Newborns” in safety crash tests 2021 by Stiftung Warentest, ADAC, ÖAMTC and TCS. It achieved an excellent rating “good” with a final score of 1,7.

Comfort Recline

Adjustable in 3 positions (sitting, relax, flat) in the car as well, with the i-Size Base (accessory).

Pagoda hood

Large extensible UPF 50+ hood with mesh for ventilation.

Kinetic pods

Help to move forces away from your child in case of a side collision.


EPS inserts for absorbing shock from impacts. Better protection and comfort.

Adapts as your baby grows

The headrest and safety belts can be simultaneously adjusted to 6 different positions.

Dual-Stage Cushion

Extra comfort, support and safety from birth. The head cushion is made of memory foam and the lumbar support of polyurethane foam.

Chest Clip

Keeps the straps in the right position.

In the car

Babies can travel in the rear-facing position for longer, until they reach 87 cm in height. It must be installed using the car’s three-point safety belt or Base i-Size /the Base Twist rotating base (accessories) if used in the reclined position.

From the car to the walk 

Automatic attachment system on Peg Perego chassis.


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