Pali Memory Plus - Children's orthopedic mattress

Pali Memory Plus is a hypoallergenic breathable half orthopedic mattress for the crib, adapts to the child's weight and contour of the body
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Memory Plus
  • Polyurethane Foam (Breeze )
  • Polyurethane Foam (Waterlily)
  • Quilted Zip Pouch (HeiQ Pure)
124 X 64 X 11
Springless / Double Sided
Country of Origin:

The outer lining has been developed to provide maximum protection and hygiene by using HeiQ® Pure, an innovative fabric treatment based on pure silver ions, whose natural antibacterial properties have long been known. HeiQ® Pure can eliminate most of bacteria (along with all the unpleasant odors usually coming from the bacterial metabolic activity), with a long-lasting effect, which is yet respectful of both environmental and human health. Such a special treatment prevents bacteria from colonizing the fabric, without harming natural bacteria on the skin: in fact, as soon as silver ions leave the textile surface they deactivate immediately, with no impact on our skin’s natural balance.
The mattress inside comprises a central polyurethane core of medium-high stiffness, together with a layer made of Breeze and another one in Waterlily. Breeze is an innovative kind of polyurethane foam characterized by an open-cell inner structure that allows air to circulate freely, and consequently favours the quick evaporation of moisture and heat. At the same time, Breeze is a self-modelling, flexible material which behaves like a memory foam: in fact, it perfectly adapts to the child’s profile according to heat emitted by the body, so to absorb the body weight and distribute it evenly over the entire mattress surface. This allows to relieve pressure points, yet providing a comfortable, body-conforming support.
Waterlily is a new kind of water-blown polyurethane foam, made up of tiny connecting cells that allow air to circulate freely: its breathability allows to disperse heat and humidity while keeping an ideal temperature, which prevents mites from proliferating and, consequently, allergies. Moreover, such a particular structure gives Waterlily excellent elasticity that provides firm support while embracing different areas of the body.

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